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New Friends

by Ken  Email 
from バンクーバー
 2024-06-12 00:48:13 CA

Hello Japanese mates,

I am currently searching for new mates who has time to study oral Japanese language and Japanese vocabulary together once a week. We can sometimes have outings together such as casual meals, exploring new places and shops, exercise and much more.

This in person meeting can meet few times a month. An ideal mate must be friendly and like to help others.
I also want to treat you to nice meals and snacks once we become good mates.

This is a good opportunity for you to meet English speakers and learn about diverse cultures while living in Vancouver.

Please note I am only looking for long term friendship.

If you are also interested in this idea, please feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you



IELTS Tuition and training

by Alex English  Email 
from London
 2024-06-09 08:32:29 GB

I can help you prepare for IELTS whether this be for speaking or writing. The course is a full study program and many students improve significantly with a 10-20 hour course.
Please visit my profile here:

For Japanese students please visit the Japanese guide:

Let's take your IELTS training to the next level!


ONLINE 英語 日本語 English Japanese Language Exchange / Free

by 英語 日本語  Email 
from Vancouver
 2024-06-04 12:13:08 CA

ONLINE 英語 日本語 English Japanese Language Exchange / Free

Every Wednesday & Saturday Evenings
English & Japanese Language Exchange
Online Local in Vancouver and Across Japan & other Countries

Share & Learn English & Japanese Together

Online Details & RSVP at
Free Group / Free Events

We also have In Person in Vancouver Cafe Language Exchange events 4 times per week
In Person Details at
Free Group / Free Language Exchange (just pay for coffee or drink at Cafe)


英語 日本語 English Japanese Language Exchange Cafe / In Person

by 英語 日本語  Email 
from Vancouver
 2024-06-04 12:03:38 CA

英語 日本語 English Japanese Language Exchange Cafe / In Person

Community Language Exchange Cafe Meeting Up
Downtown Vancouver / Free
Events are Free but need to buy a drink at Cafe for use of cafe space

Tuesdays 5-7 PM
Thursdays 5-7 PM (Girls Only Cafe)
Fridays 4-7 PM
Saturdays 2-5 PM

Let's share language Exchange & learning together. Meet New People. Make New Friends.

Details & RSVP at



by Tracey  Email 
from Coqtuilam
 2024-04-11 19:25:08 CA

Hello my name is Tracey and I am a friendly female that loves teaching English. I can travel to meet you or we can train through Zoom. It is up to you. From beginners to intermediate I can level up your English.


by michiko sakata  Email 
from バンクーバー 2024-06-01 20:42:52 US

I have a nephew who wants to come to Canada probably stay in Coquitlam in fall.
Reg your private English lesson,
Please tell me your English teaching experiences & background plus your educational bacground. Also how much do you charge per hour ?
Thank you
Michiko sakata

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