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Study Clubs are looking for 友達
by 俊求 from 無回答 2011/08/24 23:04:09

I'm sorry! I forgot to leave my e-mail (;_;)

I just modified it.

I'm in two study clubs.

The one is Movie English Club and another is Discussion Club. Both are for studying English.

Let me introduce Discussion Club first.

<Discussion Club> --------------------------

* Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30 pm in the library Downtown Vancouver

* We have a discussion about various topics. (Ex> Plastic surgery, International relationship and so on)
* (The reason we choose various topics is for using a lot of expression and words from various fields)

* Now we're 4 Korean (3 Korean guys 1 Korean girl) and going to have 2 MORE people :)

<Movie Study Club> --------------

* Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 2pm in the library

* Necessary item: a laptop

* How to study: We decide a movie and share and watch at home. While watching, we pick up 10 words or sentences we don’t know. Then we have to study about the 10 words. Next time when we see again, we teach the 10 words to our members. We share another movie and it repeated.

* This group also consists of 4 Korean (3 male 1 female) and want to have 2 MORE people.
Even though we're only Korean now, we always speak English to study for each other.

We're really friendly and eager to study! We like shy people and out-going people both :>

We don't care if you can speak English fluently or not.

If you have interest in one of these groups (or both),

Just let me know through e-mail (

I'll be waiting for interest!


Res.1 by 俊求 from 無回答 2011/08/29 23:59:59

We're stii looking for friends :>

The only different thing with before is..

1 Korea guy left and 1 Chanese guy joined at Moive club.

Welcome XD
Res.2 by 俊求 from 無回答 2011/09/07 16:23:43

Discussion club is full.

Only Moive club is available :>
Res.3 by 俊求 from 無回答 2011/09/10 10:17:13

Thank you for your e-mail. We're full. We'll look for more friends When needing. Thank you.
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