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Discussion club is looking for new members
by 俊求 from 無回答 2011/08/24 00:52:03


We're Discussion Club.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 pm in the library Downtown Vancouver

We have discuss about various topics. (ex> Plastic surgery, International relationship and so on)
(the reason we choose various topics is for using a lot of expression and words from various fields)

Now we're 4 Korean (3 Korean guys 1 Korean girl) and gonna have 2 more people :)

Even thoguh We're only Korean now, we always speak English to study for each other.

We prefer another natioality and female over Korean and guys because we wanna equal the rate of gender.

We're really friendly and eager to study! We like shy people and out-going people both :>

We don't care much if you can speak English or not. We just want to study and discuss with a person who are thoughful of others ^^

If you have interst in spaking practice, discussion and at least studying English,

Feel free to send e-mail me. I'll be waiting for your join and asking.

Thank you for reading this :}

Res.1 by Seth from バンクーバー 2011/08/25 20:56:21

Hi, I am Chinese international student from Japan. Do you still have seat available now?
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