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Wanna hang out?
by PartyBoy from バンクーバー 2006/02/25 01:11:18

Just looking for some people to go out and have fun with, the clubs, dinners, house would be fun to go clubbing once in a while.I used to live in japan and it would be cool to hang out with some japanese people.I prefer girls but groups are ok too.

Res.1 by 無回答 from バンクーバー 2006/02/26 21:59:46

I recently moved in Vancouver, not really sure where is where yet...and am looking for someone to show me around or have a fun with....if you’re interested in, send me an email... oh I am a female but just looking for a friendship.  
Res.2 by new friend from バンクーバー 2006/02/27 21:56:19

Hi there (ur new male friend)
well im looking for a friend too ,,so lets hang out together
i will show u around
thank u  
Res.3 by Miri from バンクーバー 2006/02/28 19:09:55

I do I do!!i do wanna hang out with you!!!!Are you Japanese or??
i live in vancouver with my host in high i too young to hang out with you??!!lol well,it sounds fun to huv dinner or house paries with new people you know.So e-mail me if you feel like ittalk to you soooooooon..  
Res.4 by to miri from バンクーバー 2006/02/28 22:57:34

sure lets meet
im canadain male
my email add
see yaa soon  
Res.5 by 無回答 from バンクーバー 2006/03/07 07:38:43

Res.6 by lol from 無回答 2006/03/07 13:34:21

party boy got laaaaaaaid. hahaa  
Res.7 by partyboy from バンクーバー 2006/03/07 16:21:47

i always get laid. i pick up girls at clubs all the time when i go. no big deal. getting laid isnt a big deal for me. im just looking for new people to hang out with, maybe hook them up with my friends.  
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