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Baseball batting cage
by Baseball from バンクーバー 2005/10/11 20:26:35

Want to meet people interested in baseball. I’m going to baseball batting cages, and then go have a beer with friends. Anyone interested?

Res.1 by 無回答 from バンクーバー 2005/10/13 10:01:51

where’s it?  
Res.2 by Baseball from バンクーバー 2005/10/13 16:35:58

Hi, the baseball batting cage I go to is in Abbortsford. There are quite a few not so far away but Abbortsford has the fastest pitching machine I can find. I play competitive baseball in the summer so any pitching machine less than 130km/hr is too slow for me, so I always have to drive to Abbortsford. I usually go there with some friends, (it takes 40 minutes from Vancouver to Abbortsford one-way), and then hit batting cage for about 30 minutes. Then we have a smoke and drink, and then drive to Richmond to the bar for a beer together. Nice way to spend Saturday evening. If you are interested do send me message. Reply with your name and I will give you my phone number. I have Japanese friends who go with me so don’t worry about your English ability. That’s the fun of baseball, I make friends with people all over the world! Oh by the way I am a pitcher. If you want to throw baseball let me know, I have many gloves and all the equipment and I need somebody to catch for me! My friend who is a catcher for me is so lazy, always eat and sleep and never have time to exercise!  
Res.3 by 野球っ子 from バンクーバー 2005/10/13 23:20:50

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