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I’m looking for team mates.
by Dan from バンクーバー 2013/06/02 21:29:38

Hi I’m Dan. I’m from Korea. Recently I’m looking for team mates for going to the farm working as a part time job. So I want to make foreigner team mate for improving our English skill, also we can be friends. My plane is going to the cherry farm located in Kelona or Okanagan by Jun.25.And then, we will rent a car until we search the farm working in there. Cherry picking season might start between July 1st and July 10. That’s why I think we can go back to Vancouver or travel around Kelona after we go to Kelona and then, checking the exact day of Cherry picking season. Of course, we have to prepare camping equipment because there is nothing staying a house or dormitory for part-timer. But I have already finished searching where the store has cheap equipment for camping.

If you join my plane, you will improve your English skill and save your money.

Don’t miss this Chance!!!!

My cell number is 604-368-3447

Ah! We already prepared two Korean. We need Two Japanese friends.

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