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Eradication of Japanese people, not Japanese imperialism
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Inspired by the historical fact that America's national power was exhausted in the Vietnam War, it involved Japan in the war. The starting country is South Korea.
First of all, anti-Japanese sentiment will be fostered by inciting anti-xenophobic Korean nationalism among Koreans, triggering a coup d'état by the Korean military to overthrow the "pro-Japanese government" and purge the "pro-Japanese faction" that resides in South Korea.
And the "anti-Japanese military government" declares war on Japan and kills at least 100,000 Self-Defense Force members.
At the same time, the Ryukyu Republic declares its independence. Then, declare war on Japan and the United States, and participate in the war of aggression against Japan along with South Korea.
And the "Ainu Soviet Republic" also declares independence, develops claims such as "return of the northern territories" that ignore the Ainu, and slaughters 5 million Japanese people living in Hokkaido who are "puffed up".
Anti-Japanese sentiment is also stirred up in Southeast Asia.
Then, using the Japanese Red Army's network, the Arab nations would block crude oil exports to Japan, and an "anti-Japanese siege network" would surround Japan like the former ABCD siege network, promoting self-destruction.
After the "fall of Japan", Japanese people, young and old, men and women, were put on trial, and the majority were found guilty and sentenced to death because they were "Japanese imperialists."
Only the comrades (world revolutionary ronin) who abandoned the national consciousness and the national consciousness and fought against Japan will be acquitted, and the Japanese will disappear from the earth.
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韓国人 朝鮮人 歴史感、現実感が無い。昔の漢字で書かれた歴史、英語で書かれた歴史読み直してください。近年では伸びているかも知れないけれど、基盤に日本からの沢山の援助が在った事も漢江の軌跡に繋がった。

Koreans Koreans lack a sense of history and reality. Please reread the history written in old kanji and the history written in English. It may have grown in recent years, but the fact that there was a lot of support from Japan at the foundation also led to the trajectory of the Han River.

한국인 조선인 역사감, 현실감이 없다. 옛날의 한자로 쓰여진 역사, 영어로 쓰여진 역사 읽어 주세요. 최근에는 성장하고 있을지도 모르지만, 기반에 일본으로부터의 많은 원조가 있던 일도 한강의 궤적에 연결되었다.
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